India Culture Center Continues Covid-19 Relief Efforts with Local Agencies

ICC board member Parul Fernandes (left) and President Jasmeeta Singh (right) at a face mask distribution with City Council member Amy Peck of District A (center).

HOUSTON: India Culture Center is continuing its mission to provide face marks and food distribution to assist the needy and first responders throughout the region, including Houston Police Department, City of Stafford and Fort Bend County.

May 5th – Delivered  Meals to Houston Police Department were Present were Ajit Patel and ICC President Jasmeeta Singh.

May 8- 1000 Masks Delivered at District F Council Member Tiffany D.Thomas, with ICC board members Gaurav Jhaveri, Parul  Fernandes, Nagraj, Sai, Nimesh Assistant, Jasmeeta Singh at the  International District.

May 13th- Delivered meals to HPD continuously donating lunch  for four days. Present were Nisha Mirani & Ajit Patel.

May 20th-  Donated 1,000  Surgical Masks to  Stafford City-  Elected officials  present – Fire Chief  of Stafford Center,  Larry Dicamillo,  and Council  Members Alice C  Chen,  Ken  Mathew, Sri  Kulkarni, Congresswoman Virginia and the ICC board, at  the Stafford City Hall.

May 20th– ICC webinar in collaboration with IACCGH with  Commissioner Adrian Garcia from 2-3 pm.

May 29th- Donated 1,000 Surgical Masks and homemade masks  to City Council Member  Jerry Davis to serve the District B for ICC COVID-19 collaborative Initiative with CRY org. Present – ICC Bods- Gaurav Jhaveri, Parul  Fernandes, Trustee Manisha  Gandhi, President Jasmeeta  Singh and the CRY board.

June 24th- ICC mission of Mask Distribution, collaborating with City Council Member Amy Peck of District A for food Distribution. Present were board members Parul Fernandes and Jasmeeta Singh

June 24th – 1600 Mask Donation at Fort Bend County in collaboration with ICC Partnering organization North South foundation. Present Elected officials Judge KP George, Judge Juli Mathew, District Attorney Brian Middleton, and President Jasmeeta Singh  ICC BOD Parul Fernandes,  Pavana Gadde, ICC Partnering org director NSF Sai. ICC is also hosting a free Bhangra and Zumba workshop on Sunday, Jully 12 from 5:30 to 66:30 pm via Zoom video conferencing.