India House, SOS to Partner for Town Hall Meeting on Immigration, Racism and Media’s Trustworthiness


HOUSTON: The 2016 presidential election has resulted in the dawn of a new age of populism. Rise of the Trump administration has broken the conventional thinking on politics, immigration, racism and media’s trustworthiness.

Historically, this is the first time that the South Asian community is facing such unprecedented changes in the way that they are being perceived by the majority. Many social issues like hate crimes, fake news and, rapid yet confusing changes to immigration policies are on the rise and, the South Asian community is at crossroads and, finding it difficult to cope with these changes.

The number of the incidents related to hate crimes; especially in the South-Asian community is rising at an alarming rate undermining even the American-born South-Asians. The rise of social media dependency for information has paved a way for anyone to create unverifiable news anytime from anywhere.

At Share Our Secrets (SOS), we call this “The New Normal.” India House and SOS are partnering to bring together a team of immigration and law enforcement professionals, business owners, and other community movers to discuss, share and provide guidance on how to deal with issues such as hate crimes, the identification of “fake news” and immigration policy changes in a town hall style meeting.

This vital discussion and thoughts exchange will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017, from 4PM-6PM at India House.

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