India sets the stage for a clash with US, EU at WTO

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

If timing is what matters in life as well as global trade negotiations, India could not have asked for a more inauspicious time than now for circulating the draft negotiating text for improving several provisions of the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), according to services experts who spoke to Mint.

On Wednesday (22 February), India submitted a 13-page draft legal text for negotiating what is called the “Trade Facilitation Agreement for Services” (TFS). New Delhi wants significant improvements in “relevant aspects of GATS Article III (transparency), Article IV (increasing the participation of developing countries), Article VI (domestic regulation), Article VII (Recognition), Article XIX (negotiations on specific commitments), and the Annex on Movement of Natural Persons supplying services under the agreement (Mode 4), with a view to addressing issues relevant for facilitating trade in services.

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