India should resist being too ambitious about growth: Raghuram Rajan


Mumbai: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan has said India should restrain itself from being “too ambitious” at a time when the world is full of uncertainties and instead focus on sensible policies to ensure a sustainable economic growth.

“Given the great uncertainty about outlook and policies of others in these times, a country like India should try to take sensible measures without getting too ambitious, as we have done so far,” Rajan said, delivering a speech at the Mahtab memorial lecture in Bhubaneswar on Saturday evening.

“This will serve as a sound basis for a strong and sustainable Indian growth as the world economy picks up,” Rajan, whose remarks comparing the Indian economy with an one-eyed king in a blind world led to a controversy, added.

The Indian government has been working hard to fasten the gross domestic product (GDP) growth and aspiring to take it to the double-digit mark from the current 7.5% in the medium term.


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