Indian-American kids showcase their inventions at White House Science Fair


WASHINGTON: Several Indian-Americans are among over 100 students from across the country who would showcase their inventions, and innovative science projects at the fifth White House Science Fair hosted by President Barack Obama Monday.

Celebrating their extraordinary science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) achievements, this year’s exhibits, all built, made, and designed by kids, range from patented inventions to award-winning rockets and robots.

Here are the inventions, discoveries, and science projects of five Indian-American students as outlined by the White House Trisha Prabhu, 14 Naperville, Illinois:

Trisha learned about research showing that the human brain’s decision-making region is not fully developed until age 25 and got inspired to help teens rethink how they treat others.

She developed a computer programme called “Rethink” that alerts users when an outgoing message contains language that is potentially abusive and hurtful.

Preliminary analysis showed that adolescents who use the “Rethink” system are 93 percent less likely to send abusive messages than those who are not warned about the consequences of their actions prior to sending a message.

Trisha earned a spot in the 2014 Google Science Fair to showcase her innovative project.

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