Indian-American senatorial candidate Shiva Ayyadurai attacked by ‘racist’ opponent supporter

Shiva Ayyadurai. (Source: Facebook/@va.shiva.ayyadurai)

Shiva Ayyadurai. (Source: Facebook/@va.shiva.ayyadurai)

NEW YORK: An Indian-American senatorial candidate has been assaulted allegedly by a racist man who punched him in the face leaving him severely bleeding at a town hall in Massachusetts, according to media reports. Shiva Ayyadurai, 54, who is running Independent against powerful incumbent Elizabeth Warren from the Democratic party was attacked last week by her supporter, reported.

Ayyadurai, an eminent scientist and an outspoken critic, was punched by a man, wearing a t-shirt which said “liberal” and a ‘Warren for Senate’ sticker. He approached Ayyadurai with an umbrella while he bullhorned a queue of Warren supporters outside a town hall in Great Barrington, where the Democratic Senator was scheduled to appear, the report said.

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