Indian American Siblings Hold Fundraising Art Show in New Jersey


Indian American siblings Aarushi and Omkar Chandane of Parsippany, New Jersey, have raised $1500 for charity by turning their hobby of painting into an inspiring fundraising project for Indian farmers.

The duo held an art exhibition of their work at Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany Jan. 25, where they sold more than 40 of their paintings to raise money for Save Indian Farmers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the cause of farmer suicides in India.

Aarushi, an eighth grader at Central Middle School, and her 7-year-old brother Omkar spent an entire summer and countless more hours painting and drawing in preparation for the art exhibition.

To spread the word about the fundraiser among the community, Aarushi, 13, created aFacebook page with Omkar’s help.

The siblings decided to pick a charity that was not well known in order to help raise awareness. Their mother, Seema Chandane, learned of Save Indian Farmers through her high school friends Madhumita and Hemant Josh, who founded the organization more than three years ago in the U.S., reported

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