Indian Govt announces changes in visa rules

MUSCAT – The Indian government has announced changes in the existing rules in order to liberalise, simplify and rationalise the visa regime to encourage more foreign nationals including Omanis, to visit India for tourism, business and other purposes.

As part of this policy initiative, the government has modified the existing ‘e-Tourist Visa’ scheme. In a statement, the Indian Embassy in Muscat said, “The ‘e-Visa’ will now be issued for the specific purpose of the visit viz. ‘e-Tourist Visa’, ‘e-Business Visa’ and ‘e-Medical Visa’. While ‘e-Tourist Visa’ will be issued for visits aimed at recreation, sight-seeing, casual visits and to attend yoga programmes, ‘e-Business Visa’ will be issued for enhancing business activities, including establishing business ventures, purchase or sell commercial products, attending technical meetings, discussions, board meetings, recruitment of manpower etc. Similarly, ‘e-Medical Visa’ will be issued for treatment in India.”

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