Indian Muslims Association of Greater Houston Launches Youth Alliance


HOUSTON: The South Asian Youth Alliance (SAYA) is a secular organization being launched on April 27, under the umbrella of the Indian Muslims Association of Greater Houston (IMAGH). IMAGH was organized with three main objectives; community outreach, serve senior citizens, and assist young adults become important contributors to society.

 SAYA, will be the first organization, run FOR and BY the young adults of the South Asian community. It is anticipated that 16 to 25 year olds will be its members and 25+year olds will run the organization.

 The goal is to make this group as effective and attractive for young adults as possible.  It will help develop leadership skills, have a South Asian peer network, and learn about its roots and cultural heritage.  The main criterion is to learn while having fun.


The major focus of SAYA will be to engage young adults to promote social, educational, and cultural responsibilities by becoming more involved in the community activities. Members of SAYA will be planning and executing most of its activities, as it is intended to be an organization run for and by the youth. Some of the activities planned include the following:

Story/Video Project

One of their visions is to develop a relationship between the youth and the seniors of the South Asian community. This opportunity will provide educational opportunities that benefit all age groups. The youth will document the experiences of the seniors and eventually showcase their presentation at a formal event.

Cultural Roots 

In addition to the story/video project, SAYA would like to provide opportunities for today’s youth to learn about their cultural heritage, history, native language and other culturally driven aspects via informal events and workshops.

Education & Social Mentorship 

SAYA aims to create a dialogue between the youth and slightly older young adults who have just completed college or have been in the workforce for a few years. This will allow the youth to ask questions directly to those who have recently gone through the process.

Peer Support Group 

Most importantly, SAYA’s main aim is to make it a fun-filled interactive group, where young adults of South Asian heritage can meet and socialize with similar and like-minded individuals.

SAYA will be launched on Sunday, April 27. Entrepreneur, Rahil Jafry is the motivational speaker and Comedian Sai Ranade will provide the entertainment.

Dr. Moyeen Haque is the Chair of SAYA, while Irfana Hussain, Mohammed Khan, Khushboo Bansal, Adeelah Nasser, Hafeeza Shaik, Joel Kurien, and Zain Hussain are the young adults providing the leadership.

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