Indian-origin woman chosen for New York City’s immigrant affairs commissioner job

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WASHINGTON: An India-origin woman, Nisha Agarwal has been selected as the New York City’s new commissioner of immigrant affairs.

Agarwal, who was earlier an advocate, will be tackling the biggest issues during her term, including language access in hospitals and pharmacies to help implement city council and mayor Bill de Blasio’s push for a municipal ID card.

The 36-year-old, who was a public-interest lawyer and the daughter of Indian immigrants, said that she was thrilled to take up the role, adding that it was such a gift.

She was appointed in February.

According to the New York Daily News, as the city council and mayor Bill de Blasio move to create a municipal ID card open to all residents, regardless of immigration status, Agarwal will use her own research about identity cards across the nation, collected while she was deputy director of the nonprofit Center for Popular Democracy.

Agarwal will also draw on her past as she works to create an immigrant report card to track how well city agencies are including the newest New Yorkers — especially those who struggle to speak English.

Agarwal, who has a passion for social justice, said she’s also planning to have her own advocacy agenda….

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