Indian workers face deportation under new UK immigration law


LONDON: Thousands of Indians in the UK may get hit by a new law from next month under which they could be deported if their annual salary is below 35,000 pounds.

The changes will affect professionals living and working in Britain on a Tier-2 visa who earn less than 35,000 pounds a year at the end of five years of their stay in the country.

“The UK government changed the settlement rules in 2012 to break the link between coming to work in the UK and staying here permanently. We were clear that the new rules would apply to migrants who entered Tier-2 from April 6, 2011. Those individuals were aware when they entered that new settlement rules would apply to them,” a Home Office statement said.

Indian professionals have formed the largest category of individuals issued such visas over the years.

According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), of the 55,589 Tier-2 sponsored visa applications cleared in 2014-2015, nearly 78 per cent were for Indians (31,058).

The exact figure of those affected by the salary threshold requirements remains uncertain but it is estimated to be between 30,000 and 40,000 workers.

“London is my home, I have worked hard and built a life here with my family. We feel very let down by the system. Kicking out tax-paying people like us is not the answer to the immigration crisis,” said an Indian marketing assistant, who moved here in November 2011 on a Tier-2 visa.

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