India’s Best-selling Author Amish Tripathi to Tour the USA, Houston Event on Feb 6 at UH


Amish Tripathi

HOUSTON: Acclaimed Indian author of the Shiva Trilogy fame Amish Tripathi will be touring the US in the first week of February.  Indic Book Club is collaborating with the author on a three-city tour in the United States.    
Events are scheduled for Tuesday, February 6 in Houston at University of Houston; Wednesday February 7 in New York City; and Thursday, February 8 in Washington, DC.

About the Author
Amish Tripathi is a recognized contemporary Indian fiction writer. His books- The Immortals of Meluha (2010), The Secret of the Nagas (2011) and The Oath of the Vayuputras (2013), which collectively comprise the Shiva Trilogy, and Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku (Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series) (2015), Sita – Warrior of Mithila (Book 2 of the Ram Chandra Series) (2017), and Immortal India – Young Country, Timeless Civilisation (Amish’s first non-fiction book) (2017) — have 4 million copies in print. His books have been translated into 19 Indian and International languages. He is one of the top 100 celebrities in India and was recently awarded the Icon of the Year.

Described as ‘India’s first literary popstar’ by world-renowned film director Shekhar Kapur, Amish’s unique combination of crackling story-telling, religious symbolism and profound philosophies has turned him into an Indian publishing phenomenon, with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra hailing Amish’s books as ‘archetypal and stirring’.

Amish’s books are a fine blend of myth, fiction and philosophy, with a fast-paced narrative making them gripping. Having been described by BBC News as “India’s Tolkien of Hindu mythology”, Amish has reimagined millennia-old mythological tales and turned them into bestselling works of fiction. For generations, children of Indian descent have heard and learnt important lessons from the classic tales of Gods and Goddesses such as Lord Shiva, Lord Ram, and Lady Sita. These powerful tales, rooted in history and culture, have been relayed for thousands of years, and have helped keep Indian traditions alive through the vicissitudes of time.

However, there has been a fear over the last few decades that these ancient stories are being slowly forgotten by an increasingly Westernized Indian youth. Amish’s works have infused new life into these stories as they appeal to younger generations of fantasy readers with wildly different plotlines based on the same ancient Gods. The youth of India have loved these modern reimagining’s of familiar Hindu mythology, which have an extraordinary mix of deeply liberal messages and proud roots in Indian traditions.

About Indic Book Club
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