Indo-Australian Singer Courts Grammy for Heart-warming Song

Indo-Australian singer, Siyer has officially submitted to this year’s Grammy Awards. His single, Nindiya, a song on mothers experiencing the ‘empty nest’ moment has been well received by peers and the audience alike.

Earlier this year, The Recording Academy (the home of the Grammy Awards) invited Siyer (a.k.a Shriram Iyer) to join as a Voting Member in the Class of 2023.

About Nindiya

This heart-warming song is a tribute to mothers, capturing the poignant moment when their adult child leaves the nest. It delicately portrays a mother’s first night alone, weaving an imaginary dialogue between her and her offspring.

With tender lyrics and a gentle melody, it explores the pride and longing within her as she reflects on cherished memories. The song invites listeners to empathize with the unspoken emotions of mothers everywhere, celebrating their unconditional love and unwavering support.

It uses the story of Krishna and his mother Yashoda to represent all mothers and their adult children.

Grammy – Class of 2023

Siyer says, “It is a real pleasure to be in the Class of 2023. To be recognised for my body of work and a 23 year career as a musician is very rewarding, especially when it comes from one of the peak bodies of music.”

Last year, Siyer had a taste of the Grammy experience when his collaboration with Bobby Beebob, ‘The Saffron Groove Project’ made it onto the Grammy Ballot as an official entry. Despite not being nominated, Siyer was enthused by how far the album went and he says that taking part in the formal ‘FYC Campaign’ process was a learning in itself. Rolling Stone India even premiered one of Siyer’s songs on their reputed portal.

This year, however, Siyer expressed his interest in joining The Recording Academy as a Voting Member, allowing him to officially submit entries as well as vote towards nominations and winners across multiple categories.