Inspired by the IDCC, Teen Learns the Value of Community Service

Mallika Tripathy

Mallika Tripathy

By Mallika Tripathy

CLEAR LAKE: “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

Albert Schweitzer, theologian and medical-missionary

As a senior at Clear Lake High School, I participate in debate, DECA, Red Cross, and many other clubs. I’ve grown up hearing about the importance of leaving your mark on the world by creating a positive environment wherever you go with a smile on your face. This belief has led me to want to create change in society to make the lives of all individuals better.

One source of inspiration has been learning about the Indian Doctors Charity Clinic while my father, Dr. Ashok Tripathy, was the President of the Indian Doctors Association. I learnt that different doctors and volunteers come on Saturday mornings to provide free services to patients at the IDCC, regardless of who they are. I was impressed to hear how these dedicated doctors were helping others on the only free days they get in the week. Seeing their efforts, I understood the importance of individuals in the community to help to ensure that the services can be provided, and this made me want to donate money to the IDCC.

Three years ago, I started a small business with my sister making handmade beaded jewelry and sold it at different forums. We donated the money we made to various charities, including the IDCC, and other non-profit organizations. In March 2014, I organized a bake sale at my school and raised over $150 which I donated to the IDCC. I was delighted to hear the appreciation from the group, and this encouraged me further to give back to the community I grew up in, before I embarked on to college.

As President of the Youth Committee in the Indian Cultural Center of Clear Lake, I wanted to bring balance between cultural activities and community service projects done by young people. We organized various events including canned food drives, clothing drives, socials, and a car wash and raised $840.75 through the course of the year. We decided to further our community service work by donating a portion of the money to an organization that stood out in its efforts in giving back to the local Houston community.

In my mind, the one that stood out above all was the Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic because of its significance to my heritage and its core values of kindness and selfless service. At our ICCL year-end review meeting, I was proud to announce our donation of $471 to the IDCC. Nothing makes me happier than seeing smiles on people’s faces because of something that I have contributed towards. I am proud to have been able to help someone else and hope to help many more in the years to come.