Interfaith Dinner Organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Guests from other faiths and Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Houston are listening to the presentation on Ramadan.

Guests from other faiths and Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Houston are listening to the presentation on Ramadan.

HOUSTON: In this time and age where hatred and animosity is tearing the world apart, specially in the name of religion, any voice  promoting the brotherhood and enmity between people of different religions and faith  is a breath of fresh air and need of the time.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been on the forefront for more than 10 decades furthering exactly the same theme of improving the understanding between the different religions and faiths  by inviting the diverse faith such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Baha’ism etc. to our Mosques all around the world and allowing the leaders of the different religions and faiths to explain their faiths to the audience in a mutually amicable way and Islam is explained by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in fact in 1904 put forward the idea of mammoth proportion which if adopted could rid the world of intolerance amongst its followers. The idea was to address all the founders of the religions with respect and not to slander them by writing or using harsh words to defame them. He also forbade his followers to react with violence if derogatory remarks or writings are published against the founder of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), but use the opportunity to inform the world regarding the true message of peace and brotherhood promoted by Islam as per the Quranic teachings.

In this spirit, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organized an interfaith conference followed by an Iftar dinner  on Wednesday, July 31 and Saturday, August 03 in our Mosque located at 1333 Spears Rd, Houston.

Topic of the conference was “Fasting – Shared Traditions of Sacrifice and Worship”  in different religions as prescribed in their faith. Islam was represented by Dr. Bilal Rana of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Judaism by Rabbi Laura Sheinkof of Congregation Jewish Community North and Christianity by  Deacon Robert J. Hesse, Ph.D. (Deacon Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

 A large congregation including adherent of different faiths attended this conference in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and were allowed to ask question from the speakers at the end.

The conference started at 7 PM and finished at the time of opening of the fast for that day around 8:15 PM.

On the same concept, another interfaith dinner was organized on Saturday, August 03. Dr. Ejaz A. Sheikh, a prominent member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Houston made an excellent and comprehensive presentation on fasting in Islam. Then few guests from other religions (Sikhism, Christians) expressed their appreciation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of their efforts in organizing these types meetings.

It was an excellent venue for bringing the people of different faiths together in a most congenial manner discussing the article of faith which is common to all faiths, i.e. the fasting.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam. Founded in 1889, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community spans 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, established in 1920, is the first American-Muslim organization.