Interfaith Ministers Visit JVB Preksha Meditation Center

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Interfaith Ministers at JVB Preksha Center

By  Seema Jain

HOUSTON: Under the auspicious presence of Samani Parimal Pragyaji and Samani Maryada Pragyaji, Interfaith Ministers visited JVB Preksha Meditation Center on Sunday, December 13. This was the first such visit of Director Rev. Gregory Han along with his  executive committee members Matt Kahn, Carey Reagan and Alison Smith to JVB Center.

Their mission is to bring people of diverse faith traditions together for dialogue, collaboration and service, as a demonstration of shared beliefs which blends effectively with JVB’s vision of service to the community irrespective of their religious beliefs. The Chairman, Swatantra jain along with the President, Seema Jain welcomed them inside the building.

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Interfaith Ministers attending Samani Parimal Pragyaji Pravachan

After exchanging pleasantries, they started their tour of the center by visiting the Temple located inside the building. They admired the statue of Lord Mahavir & carvings around the statue which is all made of white marble. In reply to their quest, the significance of the idol of Lord Mahavir and his teachings was beautifully explained to them by the Chairman.

They  interacted with four different groups of JVB Gyanshala program from ages 4-14 yrs in their classrooms. All the kids greeted them by saying “Jai Jinendera” which is the jain way of greeting each other. They were impressed by the enthusiasm of the teachers and the kids alike and the calm and well kept surroundings.

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Conversing with Senior class of JVB Gyanshala.

All the ministers attended and participated briefly in Samani Parimal Pragya Ji’s Sunday discourse on 11th Paap  “Raag”, as a part of a series describing and characterizing 18 sins and their impact on our daily lives inside the Pyramid Hall which is a hallmark of Preksha Center’s building. Reverend Gregory Han informally addressed the gathering with his short speech and acknowledged the warm hospitality of JVB Community. Youth Initiatives Manager, Carey Reagan showed the keen interest to bring their House of Worship Tour to the JVB Center  which was a gracious compliment in pursuit of introducing many more Houstonians to the peaceful and kind Jains and their mission.

The JVB Preksha Meditation Center envisions a blissful and peaceful society through Yoga, Preksha Meditation and Education of Non-violence. It conducts weekly Mediation, Yoga and Swadhyay sessions and runs special events and programs like iChoose & Meditation Camps.  Its open to all and every session or event is free of charge to its attendees.

For more information please visit Call them at  281-596-9642 or The President, Seema Jain @ 281-575-0575.