International Panelists Reflect on 50 Years of the Hindu-American Contributions

The international panelists for the Reflections webinar are Vyomesh Joshi, Vandana Tilak, Dr. Raj Vedam and Benny Tillman.

By Shobhana Muratee

Houston: REFLECTIONS@50: WALKING IN DHARMA is a power packed virtual conference to be held on Sept 19-20, 2020 as a community outreach effort toward deeper understanding of the contribution of Hindus in America in the past five decades.

Organized by the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), the 2-day conference is commemorative of VHPA’s 50 years of fostering the Hindu socio-cultural-spiritual movement in Americas. REFLECTIONS@50: WALKING IN DHARMA chronicles inspiring narratives on the work of pioneers and leaders, their struggles, and accomplishments in upholding the ancient Hindu philosophy in America.

Internationally acclaimed keynote speakers include: Vyomesh Joshi, CEO,3D Systems; Vandana Tilak, CEO & Director, Akshaya Patra USA; Dr. Raj Vedam, Scholar, Indian History and Benny Tillman, President, Vedic Friends Association. They will share their experience in the areas of leadership, service, identity and impact of traditions and their relevance in today’s world.

Among the highlights are the 8 enlightening panel discussions with awe-inspiring, national, and international speakers from various specialized fields: entrepreneurs, heads of organizations, religious leaders, academicians, dignitaries, and youth leaders who would cover wide range of topics.

The eight panels are planned for something for everyone. Interactive talks and discussions on women, children, youth, seniors, religion, advocacy, and volunteerism.

Engaging youth in community service is a corner stone of the VHPA’s mission. Two panels: “Hindu Youth – Being the Change Today for Better Tomorrow” and “Evolving Nature of Seva (service) in North America” are dedicated to youth and volunteerism to focusing on their current relevance.

Other topics like, “The Hindu Woman as Sustainer of our Timeless Tradition,” “Influence of Hindu Heritage on Life Choices and Decisions” and on early teaching, “Learning Through play,” “The Role of Dharmic Houses of Worship – Challenges and Opportunities,” “The Power of Dharma in Action” and “The Legacy of the Hindus in North America,” are equally enriching. Information about each of the panels, panelists and speakers is available at

World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) had earlier planned Swarna Jayanti gala event to mark its jubilee milestone, however, the occasion had to be moved to September 2021 due to Covid-19 crisis. The virtual community conference is a glimpse into the jubilee event planned next year.

“I invite you to come, join us and learn what this vibrant community has accomplished in the last 50 years and how it sees itself evolving in the next 50 years and beyond,” Dr. Abhaya Asthana, President 

The conference is open to all on a first come first serve basis. Registration is free but mandatory. Please register at

Contact: Dr. Jai G. Bansal, email:; (M) 908-803-3523