Invoking Lord Shiva in the Vastu Way


Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva as the great night in which he tied the knot with Goddess Parvati, the embodiment of Shakti or Power.  Lord Shiva, is popularly known as Devon ke Dev or Maha Dev, which means the God of all Gods or the Supreme God. Maha Shivaratri is basically celebrated on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha, every year in the month of Falgun, as per the Hindu calendar. This year, it falls on February 17, according to the Julian calendar, that we use today.

As per Vastu Shastra, Shivaratri is celebrated to bring positivity in your life, removing all the negative feelings and thoughts that create conflicts in your mind, hindering happiness, growth and prosperity. You should also keep in mind that while worshipping Lord Shiva, you should always place the idol/photo in the North-East Zone, which is considered to be the Vastu Zone of New Ideas, Clarity of Mind and Wisdom.

The famous legendary tale of Lord Shiva consuming poison for the welfare of Humanity is an inspiration for all of us to learn and bury all the negative thoughts, feelings and experiences     deep down in our throats, by never ever letting it out before anybody. In other words, you should completely flush it out from your system, before it comes out in the form of words or expressions affecting you or anyone adversely. In a nutshell, you should never welcome negative thoughts, whether they are emerging from inside or outside your body, and abandon them totally as poison. This alone will guide you to live a life with more Love, Money, Happiness and Prosperity.

If you are constantly developing Negative Thoughts in your minds, and are facing problems in taking timely and appropriate decisions, or not getting the desired results of your efforts, then in addition to placing the idol of Lord Shiva in the North-East, you should check the balance of the East-South-East Zone of your house, which is the Vastu Zone of Anxiety and Analysis.

If this Zone is balanced, then you will be able to balance your thoughts, and take correct decisions in your life, without getting anxious, puzzled or confused. Idols of Gods and Goddesses should never be kept in the East-South-East Zone of a house, and you should never worship or practise Yoga facing in this direction, as it will arouse anxiety and tensions in your mind, making you irritated and more critical in nature.

Before worshipping Lord Shiva during Shivaratri, you should ensure that there are no dark blue curtains in the East-South-East Vastu Zone of your house. However, if you cannot remove the curtains, place a picture of a Manthan Scene, such as a man/woman milking a cow to balance the Zone, and remove the ill-effects of this Zone. Moreover, by doing this, you will also get the desired results of your worship or puja on this auspicious day.

Besides the above, you should also check the location of the Entrance of your house, the Zones in which the bedroom/s and kitchen are located. If the kitchen is in the North-East Vastu Zone of your house, i.e., the Zone of Mental Clarity and Wisdom, then you will remain agitated and your mind will be full of anger, tensions and anxiety. This is because a Kitchen represents the Fire Element according to the Panchtattva or Five Basic Elements of Nature, i.e., Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. In addition to all this, you should also avoid placing a mirror or shaft in the South-East Vastu Zone, which is considered to be the Zone of Money or Cash. A kitchen or the presence of Fire in this Zone ensures quick flow of money.

Therefore, before worshipping Tridev, or the Lord of the three worlds this Shivaratri, ensure that the Vastu of your home/office is perfect by consulting a certified MahaVastu Expert or enrolling yourself in a MahaVastu Course. In this way you can yourself learn how to make good fortunes and how to fulfil all your desires or wishes.

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