It’s confirmed! Salman Khan to return as the host of Bigg Boss 10!


Bigg Boss is one of the most entertaining shows on Television and especially the host Salman Khan makes the show even more fun and entertaining. And for those who are eagerly awaiting for season 10,here’s a good news for you guys! At the finale of Bigg Boss 9, it was announced that the next season of the show would have not just celebrities but also lay people. The channel asked people to send in entries and judging by the number of videos that are being uploaded everyday it looks like the show will be a runaway success.

Says an insider, “But it’s not just non-celebrities. It is a mix. There will be some known faces and some unknown faces.” Sounds like fun, no? Also, every year new names pop up as possible hosts for Bigg Boss. But this year before all the speculations start, we can confirm that Salman Khan will be hosting season 10.

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