“Jai Shri Krishna” A Ballet in Hindi for the Faithful


By Dr. Sarita Mehta

HOUSTON: The Mega stage show, “Jai Shri Krishna, A Dance Ballet” in Hindi was presented on the stage by Kanu Chauhan of Rajsun Megastar Ent. Manpasand in association with Manoranjan Inc., the Gujarati Samaj of Houston, India Culture Center, VPSS Haveli, LPSH and Shiv Shakti Mandir, at the VPSS Haveli, on Saturday, June 2. This four-hour long ballet, is a contemporary kalyug portrayal of Lord Krishna and the events that took place five thousand years ago but are still as relevant in the twenty-first century.

This grand scale of Jai Shri Krishna, Radheshyam Sathwarey unfolds the life of Krishna, God of Compassion, Tenderness and Love, from his birth in Mathura to Meerabai, his greatest devotee born into a Rajput royal Rathore family of Merta, Rajasthan. The production features 40 artists from India, live music and melodious singing by Manisha Salva; composer Saurab Mehta and the wonderful team of Pardeep Bhatt on dhol; Pramod Chaluke on bansuri, and talented artists on tabla and other musical instruments and glamorous and entertaining dances and choreography.

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The play was directed by Rini Patel and Neha Patel and emceed by Vishriti Gandhi, who skillfully anchored this entire work. The ballet transported the audience to a thrilling spiritual adventure of dances and music with an impressive overture.

Krishna avatar, manifested as a human on Earth, came with the principal aim of conveying the supreme message of the Bhagwad Gita, to vanquish evil and bring back justice and righteousness to humankind. Once that purpose was served, he left the mundane world as we know it. We can find relevance in his message in our modern day-to-day life and gain some useful insight that can help us live our life according to Krishna’s advice to Arjuna. Krishna shares wisdom about the soul’s existence with Arjuna at his hour of debilitating confusion.

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The show began with New Heaven on Earth, a ballet featuring Vasudeva, portrayed the birth of Krishna in Mathura jail, passage through the holy River Yamuna and happy with his adoptive mother Yashodha dancing with friend friends in Vrindavan. The play was divided in 8 broad episodes, and in each episode, the message of love, peace and harmony was conveyed very beautifully.

The organizers – Manoranjan Inc., Nisha Mirani, President of ICC, and Ajit Patel, Secretary ICC, supported by other prominent organizations – worked hard with a week’s short notice to turn out an audience of over 400.