Jehangir Lakhani (1957-2014)

obituary 1

Jehangir Lakhani, a loving, caring, always smiling individual, known for spreading laughter and happiness, passed away on Thursday, October 23 in Houston, Texas after a battle with a rare kidney Cancer, Sarcomatoid Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Born in Navsari, India, Jehangir moved to America in 1984 to pursue new opportunities and endeavors. After a long journey of hardships and struggles he and his wife, Renuka Lakhani invested in and operated several businesses, and real estate properties, which brought them to the point where they are today. Jehangir was heavily involved in community events and was a Commercial Real Estate Agent and Investor by profession. But more importantly, he was an inspiring individual who strived to help others and bring happiness to those around him.

Jehangir, who was physically active and full of energy, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer just three months ago in July when taken to the doctor for a chronic dry cough. With symptoms that were easily overlooked like weight loss and a common backache, did not know that a cancer so dangerous was in his body and would spread like an irrupting volcano in the few months to come. Due to the type of cancer and the severity of spread in different organs, there were absolutely no treatment options available. However Jehangir’s spirit was high, and with a positive attitude he readily took any and all alternative/ homeopathic treatment options available.

With his wife’s constant and unconditional loving support, his relatives, friends and well-wishers prayers and support, helped him through this short unforeseen period, before he passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones.

He is survived by his wife, Renuka, daughter Narmeen, and Son, Nishant in Houston. He also leaves behind numerous Houston community friends. He will be remembered for his generous, loving heart and joyful nature.