Joy Baba Lokenath Foundation Organizes 129th Tirodhan Utsav


HOUSTON: Joy Baba Lokenath Foundation organized the 129th Annual Tirodhan Utsav of Baba Lokenath Bramhachari to celebrate the cause of humanity on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Sitaram Foundation Hall.

Subashish Ghoshal, the president of JBL Foundation in his introduction explained, “The word Lokenath consists of two part – Loke & Nath. Loke means people & Nath means Master so the complete meaning of Lokenath is Lokeder Nath, i.e. Master of People. Lord Lokenath taught the lessons of humanity in his every promise to this world. Being the divine incarnation of the synthesis of Jnana, Karma, Bhakti & Ashtanga Yoga, Mahayogi Lokenath is the living essence and full embodiment of the universal religion of love & humanity.”

Ghoshal further explained, “His incredible life, mastery level, teachings, and the magnitude and depth of his compassion are perfect reflection on humanity. Right from our childhood, we have been following the mantra of “Basudhybo Kutumbakam” i.e. the world is one family, “Atithi Devo Bhava” i.e. The guest is equivalent to God & we certainly believe kindness is a great virtue.”

The success of this four-hour utsav was due to all the volunteers and members: Sujata & Jagat Sinha, Riya Sinha, Yagna Bhimavarapu, Basab & Tora Roy, Kusumita & Avik Sinha Roy, Sonali Khole, Anindita, Sachin bhai, Sweta Jayaswal, Debasish & family, Suchona & Sayan Das, Roy Woo, Nilesh Thakkar and Vinni & Arun Verma, President of the Sita Ram Foundation.
Dr. Sarita Mehta in her brief message, said, ‘Sow the seeds of Love’, expressing the need of Universal brotherhood, and the main essence of brotherhood is Love, which conquers everything.” Umajee recited devotional Bhajans and did the wonderful Geeta Path.

Joy Baba Lokenath Foundation has a vision to create Divine temple of Humanity based on Baba Lokenath’s philosophy of life and engage in societal contribution by conducting workshop/webinars on humanity, anger management, kid’s learning activities, cultural activities to spread values on humanity, how to handle Kids & Old age people, Yoga classes, establish educational institutions and involve in short/long terms events and assignments.

For more information call Subhasish Ghosal 832-488 9953