Juli Mathew, Judge of County Court at Law # 3


SUGAR LAND: Juli Mathew is running for Judge of County Court at Law Number 3 in Fort Bend County, Texas which encompasses Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Fulshear, Needville, Richmond, Rosenberg, Arcola, parts of Katy, and a few other smaller cities.  She is the Associate Municipal Judge of the City of Arcola and is running for this countywide seat.

Her aspiration to become an attorney rose from her own family’s difficulty as newly immigrated citizens from India.  She stated,” My Dad encountered various issues with his business partner, who was of Indian descent and had attended law school in the US.  Although he wasn’t a licensed attorney, my parents were always fearful of him. He constantly bullied and threatened my parents with one thing or another.  Once he pulled all of the funds from the business account with no notice and having done no work. He pulled the money just before the franchise fees were due and I saw my parents scramble to pay the fees and all of the bills. I saw the nightmare that it created for my parents. The desire to become a lawyer was birthed out of that experience.”

She has been a practicing attorney for 15 years in Fort Bend and surrounding counties and has filed thousands of cases. She is the most qualified candidate for this position and has actually practiced in Fort Bend including filing the initial lawsuit to post judgment work. Her first job in Texas was with a firm filing lawsuits against big pharmaceutical companies for harm caused by certain drugs especially to unborn children.  She stated that she wants to be the person when Mahatma Gandhi stated, be the change you wish to see in this world. “ I always thought that I could do better and make our court rooms more efficient and save tax payer funds so rather than just talk about it, I decided to do something about it.” Juli believes in being fair while upholding the Constitution, state, and local rules and the fundamental belief that all men are created equal and equality and justice should be for all. She has been endorsed by the Houston lawyers Association, Fort Bend Tejanos, AFL-CIO Tidelands Union, Teachers Union and Asia 80-20 PAC to name a few. 

Support her in her campaign to become the Presiding Judge of Court No. 3, for further details visit www.juliforjudge.com

Early voting is happening now until November 2, 2018 and Election Day is November 6, 2018.