Just the Beginning


HOUSTON: This day was marked as the first official day of Diwan at the up-and-coming Sikh National Center site. The program took place in the temporary Diwan Hall building in honor of Sangrand, at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, July 16. Upon short notice, approximately 150 people attended the program led by Bhai Makhan Singh Ji. Langar Sewa was provided by S. Balwant Singh Sandhar and family.

During this Diwan, approximately $37,000 was raised by devoted Sewadaars to aide in the construction of the Sikh National Center. The temporary building was completed by the self-less Seva by S. Gurminder Singh Padda and his team of dedicated Sewadaars. This building will pose as a Diwan Hall until the main building has been constructed.

With Guru’s grace, the construction of the main building is underway, with the assistance of Turner Construction. The steel fabrication has been completed and the assembly of the steel is tentatively scheduled for 1st week of August 2013.

This monumental day is just the beginning of many monumental days to come at the Sikh National Center. From this day forward, Diwan programs will be held in the Diwan Hall every Saturday.  The Langar Sewa for these programs will be held on a voluntary basis by Sewadaars. All efforts will be made to ensure that all Sikhs attend programs weekly. Starting in August 2013, Sewa for Akand Paath Sahibs will be available at the Sikh National Center Inc. The dedicated Sewadaars of this flourishing foundation will contribute their time and efforts to take part in Akand Paath Sahibs every weekend. As the community works together as a whole, the Sikh National Center’s main Gurdwara building will be completed soon.

Many Sewadaars have worked tireless hours to ensure that the dream of Sikh National Center is fulfilled. This dream is no longer just a dream, and has taken a form of reality now. This is just the beginning of restoring faith, doing self-less Sewa and establishing Sikh unity.