JVB Center Conducts Workshop on “How to Manage Dual Careers”


By Seema Jain

HOUSTON: “You must make a choice to take a chance otherwise your life will never change.” – Pramod Bengani

JVB Preksha center took a step forward towards its vision of serving the community by holding another session of one of its flagship event called iChoose for professionals on Sunday, June 5, inside its unique pyramid hall. The  interesting theme of this session was “How to manage Dual Careers”. It was conducted by Pramod Bengani who is not only an active member of JVB Board of Directors but also a distinguished speaker with 30+ years of Industry Experience. He has served both professional and social organizations in excellent leadership roles. Over 40 people attended as well as participated in this informative and interactive workshop.


JVB President, Seema Jain welcomed the attendees and invited Bengani to share this thoughts and views with the audience. He opened up the session by saying that he is not here just to talk and tell what he thinks but to listen and learn at the same time. Audience shared interesting views on Why and what they think of Dual Careers. Financial Security, Leaving Legacy, Networking, Peer Pressure and Role model for Children were some of the most popular answers of the opening part of this session.

Bengani stated that for couples with two professional careers, juggling work and home responsibilities has never been easy. Exploratory conversations with few dual career attendees revealed numerous challenges that impact work, home and family as well as personal well being. He explained the Do’s and Don’ts by adopting 3 C’s of life which are; Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance otherwise your life will never change.

The possible solutions were put forward in the form of being flexible and creative, setting priorities, time management and sharing Values because when Values are aligned, the conflicts are about tactics: the how and the what, not the why and the when. He also shared some of the important reads and Information about International Dual Career Network, IDCN, a global nonprofit association of Companies, NGOs and Academic Institutions. The session ended with an Interactive round of Q & A and Vote of Thanks by Seema Jain.

The JVB Preksha Meditation Center envisions a blissful and peaceful society through Yoga, Preksha Meditation and Education of Non-violence. It conducts weekly Meditation, Yoga and Swadhyay sessions under the auspicious guidance of Samanijis and runs special events and programs like I Choose, Meditation Camps and Gyanshala program for ages 4- 14 yrs. It is open to all and every session or event is free of charge to its attendees.

The upcoming events include an Informative workshop “ Navigating the High School- Course selection & Beyond” by illustrious speaker Anuradha Nigam. The workshop will be held inside the unique pyramid hall of JVB center located at 14102 Schiller Rd. A must know and ideal for parents and kids in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades.

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