JVB Preksha Meditation Center Celebrates Maitri Diwas with Patrons and Community Leaders

By Kuldeep Lunia                                                                                                       

Group picture of JVB Samanijis, Partons, and Community Leaders

JVB Preksha Meditation Center hosted its annual community event “Maitri Diwas” a festival of forgiveness, under the auspicious guidance of Samani Madhur Pragyaji & Samani Jigyasa Pragyaji (Disciples of Acharya Shri Mahashraman) on Sunday, October 1st 2023.

The special ceremony was well attended by 100+ Community members comprising JVB Patrons & eminent leaders of notable organizations and Indian diaspora to capture the spirit of Maitri Diwas which is celebrated with the idea that friendship between people, and cultures can inspire peace and build bridges between the communities.

JVB Chairman of the Board Sh. Swatantra Jain delivering his welcome speech

Samani Madhur Pragyaji initiated the program by conducting a short yet powerful meditation session. Guests were delighted to see the youngest kids of JVB Gyanshala Arham group welcoming everyone with a beautiful dance on Namaskar Mahamantra. JVB Chairman, Shri Swatantra Jain extended his gratitude by delivering a welcome speech. The emcees of the program, Seema Jain & Nikhil Jain kept the audience engaged.

The highlight of this program was a special lecture & presentation by Samani Madhur Pragyaji on Amity & Forgiveness. She explained about the 6 obstacles in the journey of Amity which is Ego, Anger, Obstinence, Ignorance, Selfishness & the attitude to put self first and how we can overcome these negative emotions with conscious and continuous practice of forgiveness because this  process takes time, patience, and determination. She explained this further by taking a beautiful example of a flower when crushed, it still gives the gift of fragrance, hence Forgiveness is that special fragrance which comes out when we learn to crush our ego.

In closing, she emphasized Jain’s Kshamapana Sutra called “ Kamat Khamna “ which means to forgive and seek forgiveness.

JVB Samaniji Madhur Pragya ji talking to the audience on the importance of Forgiveness.

All the invited community leaders were duly recognized by JVB Board Member, Nikhil Jain and Vice President, Gaurav Jhaveri along with a return token of appreciation. These included dignitaries of community organizations and elected officials – Consul member from Indian Consulate, Judges from Fort Ben County, Arya Samaj, Durga Badi, DISHA, HSS, Sewa International, Gujarati Samaj, ICC, IAPAC, JSH, IMAGH, Sathya Sai and few others.

The program ended with the Mangal Path followed by sumptuous lunch. Below are few testimonials from the event attendees which speak a thousand words in itself:

“Thank you very much for having us, it was a beautiful event and I loved the speech. In today’s world if everyone follows the principle Samaniji spoke about, it will be a much better place” – Ms. Madhuchanda Das , President of Durga Badi

“Thank you for Inviting us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Talk was very good. You all are very good hosts.” Mr. Vinod Patel – Sathya Sai Group

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