Kaanchi Movie


Story: A mountain girl crosses swords with marauders because they threaten her love, land and life. Can she singlehandedly bring down a bunch of corrupt men?

Review: Kaanchi (Mishti Mukherjee) is a virginal beauty from Koshampa in Uttaranchal who gets into brawls with the local bullies. And yet, there is an innocence about her that is alluring. We’re told that her late father, an army man, is whom she has got her spirited nature from. Of course, her homemaker ma admonishes her and tells her that girls shouldn’t behave like goondas. But Kaanchi, who is also called ‘Sigdi’ (a hot stove) doesn’t subscribe to her mom’s views. Her lover Binda (Karthik Aaryan) is the local fitness consultant who trains the neighbourhood in combat. Like Kaanchi, he too is obsessed with keeping his town in the hills safe.

Patriotic intentions apart, a lame love story with limp kisses follow. Before Kaanchi and Binda embark on their journey of bliss, the antagonist Sanjeev Kakda (TV hottie, Rishab Sinha), who desperately needs a haircut and acting lessons, comes into the picture. Coming back to the plot, Kakda is infatuated with Kaanchi and when she resists, he recoils.

From here the film descends into a mishmash. Hell hath no fury than a Subhash Ghai heroine scorned. Kaanchi goes from Koshampa to Mumbai to seek revenge. In what is the most childish plot ever, she masquerades as a domestic help in the Kakda household (comprising Rishi, Mithun and bad-hair boy). She conducts a sting operation, throws open a can of worms and blows the cover on this family, who have political leanings and havala earnings. And by the time she’s done with her Mother India act, you’re too tired to seek reason….

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