Kadvi Hawa Movie Review


STORY: In a village affected by climate change and scanty rainfall, a blind farmer strikes a deal with the debt recovery agent to save his son from a debt trap.

REVIEW: Gunu Baba (Ranvir Shorey) descends on the village of Mahua like the harbinger of death. As a loan recovery agent, whenever he goes to a village, he claims a few lives of the poor farmers as they commit suicide when they fail to pay back their loans. For this reason, they call him ‘Yamdoot’. A blind farmer Hedu (Sanjay Mishra) knows that his own son Mukund (Bhupesh Singh) owes a considerable amount to the lender. He can feel Mukund’s depression and helplessness and is scared that one day he, too, will take his own life. So he lands up at the bank and asks Gunu to waive-off the loan. But that’s like asking a lion to live off grass. However, one day, Hedu comes up with a plan wherein he tips-off Gunu whenever any of his fellow, debt-ridden farmers comes across some money. This way, Gunu will know just exactly whom to approach to clear his debt. This is a tough choice for Hedu to make; turning against his fellow villagers. But with his crop failing this year again, morals can be put on a hold for survival. In fact, he starts to give bigger tips when he senses his son is sinking further into depression. The question then is, how far will he go on with the scheming? Will the weight of the guilt ever get too heavy? 

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Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com