Kahaani sequel hits roadblock


For all those zillion fans of Kahaani who had been mesmerized by Vidya Balan’s acting prowess, the news is that your wait for its sequel has just got longer. The reason? Well, the film’s director Sujoy Ghosh has reportedly written a letter to co-producer Jayantilal Gada (CMD, PEN India Pvt. Ltd.), with his set of demands.

To start with, Sujoy, besides wanting to become the sole producer of the sequel, also wants Rs. 35 crore for the sequel (which includes Rs. 28 crores as the making cost and Rs. 7 crores for the film’s publicity). Besides this, he also wants PEN India to only finance the film and that he should be paid his amount at different steps of the film production as specified by him (viz., pre-production’s commencement, post-production and censorship). Besides all this, he wants the music and satellite rights to be with his company ‘Boundscript’, for which there will be no co-signatory from PEN India on board for this. While ending his letter, he stated that if he doesn’t get a reply stating ‘unconditional acceptance of his terms and conditions’, he will consider it as Gada’s refusal to be a part of the said film.

Sujoy reportedly said that if PEN India accepts his offer of making the film together, he will work with them; else, he will look for someone else. PEN’s Gada, on the other hand, said, that he can’t accept such things (read’ demands’) unconditionally. He added that as per their original agreement, Sujoy has no right to make the sequel without their consent….

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