Kali Puja Celebrated with Piety & Devotion at Vedanta Society


Photos: Jiten Patel

By Sanchali Basu

HOUSTON: Vedanta Society of Greater Houston (VSGH) takes pride in celebrating Kali Puja every year with immense piety, dedication and sincerity. This year was no exception. Swami Nirakarananda of the Vedanta Society of St. Louis presided over the event this year. He performed the Puja with the assistance of our resident Swami Atmarupananda, the evening of November 6.


The puja commenced with the auspicious blowing of the shankh (conch shell) creating a divine atmosphere. Ma Kali’s image was decorated in festive splendor and the shrine carrying the images of Sri Ramakrishna, Mother Sarada and Swami Vivekananda was beautifully lit, with clay diyas (lamps), reflecting the spirit of Deepavali. While the entire northern part of India worships goddess Lakshmi on Deepavali, symbolizing the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”, the east of India celebrates Kali Puja, to seek the help of the goddess in destroying evil, both external and internal and get her blessings for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace.


According to legend, long ago after the gods lost in a battle with the demons, Goddess Kali was born as Kaala Bhaya Naashini from the forehead of Goddess Durga. Said to be a personification of Nari Shakti (female power), Kali was born to save heaven and earth from the growing cruelty of the demons.


The melodious devotional songs sung by Rupa Ghosh in accompaniment to the puja, made the environment reverberate with divinity. The puja ended with the beautiful arati performed by the Swami with the chandelier lamp. Pushpanjali, the offering of flowers by devotees, was led by Swami Atmarupananda. Swami Nirakarananda, being a good singer himself, then got on the harmonium and sang songs dedicated to Mother Kali.

Prasad was served to the attendees and all enjoyed the evening’s proceedings. Although it was a weekday evening, the turnout was good. The crisp, cool weather played a role in the attendance.

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