Kapil Sharma makes fun of Farah Khan and Anu Malik on his show


The Kapil Sharma Show is going in ratings. Kapil Sharma’s show has been constantly in the top 8 and at times even in top 5. Clearly the show is the best platform to promote upcoming projects. Next up on the show as guests are Farah Khan, Sonu Nigam and Anu Malik. The trio is all set to promote the upcoming season of Indian Idol on The Kapil Sharma Show.

ICYMI, yep, Indian Idol is coming back with Farah Khan as a judge. Kapil takes a hilarious dig on the filmmaker, as he says that she has hosted a cookery show, dance show, Bigg Boss, etc so why didn’t she pursue law to become a judge. Ok…It’s funny when he says that. Watch the promo here-

Also, in a second promo Kapil, with help from Sunil Grover, takes a dig at Anu Malik. In what looks like a competition between Farah, Sonu, Anu and three comedians mimicking them, Sunil will be dressed up as Anu. He will take jibes at Anu’s habit of rhyming everything. Sonu and Farah will burst out in laughter at this joke, while Anu will not be that Amused, it seems.

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