Karan to do a Devdas: sacrifice his love to see Sakshi-Aditya happy in Sony TV’s Ekk Nayi Pehchaan


The love triangle between Karan (Karan Sharma), Sakshi (Krystle D’souza) and Aditya (Deepak Sandhu) is all set to get more intense in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ekk Nayi Pehchaan

Karan, who has been suspicious about Aditya’s fondness for his wife, will finally get to know that the two were dating in the past and that Aditya still harbours feelings for her. Karan will also be of the idea that Sakshi too loves Aditya. It is only for the sake of responsibility that she has entered the bond of marriage, he will feel.

The drama will further elevate at the birthday celebration of Diya. As Karan will be dancing with Sakshi, he will suddenly recall Aditya and Sakshi’s closeness and thus go ahead and handover Sakshi to her ex boy friend to have a dance with.

Informs a source, “Sakshi and Aditya will be taken aback by this action, but will continue to dance, lest the family would sense them being uncomfortable.”

Seeing them groove romantically, Karan will feel dejected and sad but will decide to make Sakshi happy by letting her be with the man she loves. He will think about sacrificing his love and bringing the estranged couple together not realizing that Sakshi is in love with him and has moved on from Aditya.

Will Sakshi get to know about Karan’s plan? How will she react?

When we spoke to Karan, he informed, “Karan is in the idea that his wife still loves Aditya and this is why he will want them to get together.”…

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