Karim Benzema Caught Driving Without a Valid Licence


Madrid: Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was stopped by Spanish police on Thursday night for driving without a valid licence, according to a police source.

A police patrol had stopped him to issue a fine after the French international had committed an illegal turn, explained the source.

However, when Benzema was asked to provide his identification and licence, he handed over an interim document requesting a European driving licence that was deemed insufficient by the officers.

The 27-year-old was sanctioned for breaking the highway code and called to appear before a judge. However, according to the source, the case will be dismissed if he can provide evidence of a valid licence within five days.

It is not the first time Benzema’s driving has got him in trouble with the Spanish authorities.

In March 2013 he was fined 18,000 euros ($19,700) and had his licence revoked for eight months for speeding.

A preliminary investigation was also opened against the player in May to see if he had a valid licence after he was caught speeding close to the city’s Barajas airport.

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