Karthik proved INNOCENT in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta…


There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel for Karthik (Mohsin Khan) in Star Plus’ popular show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Director’s Kut). 

Ofcourse, Karthik has surrendered himself to the police for being the one responsible for Akshara’s (Hina Khan) death. However, the truth is that he’s certainly innocent and is only guilt-stricken as the girl he loves (Naira) believes firmly that he is not innocent!!

Sad situation to be in!!

But now, tables will turn and Karthik will eventually be declared innocent by the court of law!!

Wowie!! This is good news..

The weekend drama in Yeh Rishta will see Karthik heading to the court for his hearing. However, before Karthik would appear in the court, a man will approach the police and will want to talk to Karthik. And he will confess his crime, and would tell them that he is actually responsible for whatever happened to Akshara. 

As per sources, “The back story will show how Akshara would have been trying to move a puppy from the road when a car would have hit her hard, thus throwing her into a pit. The man would have gotten down to help Akshara but he would have seen another car fast approaching and hitting the railings present there. The culprit would have then thought that this would help him to escape from the crime, and he would have fled off.”

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