Kathak Beats Celebrates Annual Recital — Udaan 2022

HOUSTON: “Udaan -2022 – A Leap to touch the Stars”  is a celebration of every students spirit to excel and explore the joy of dancing . It shares everyone’s story of breaking free from inhibitions to learn and enjoy a new art form. It salutes the spirit of learning and helps to inculcate / retain traditional values.  Udaan is an annual dance recital event of Kathak Beats and has earned a reputation for its spellbinding authentic Kathak performances and offering visual treat of perfection by its participants. It has received outstanding response from the community and this show was completely sold out in a matter of just 2 weeks.

Kathak Beat is Houston’s Premier Kathak dance school and promotes the ancient Indian classical dance form of Kathak. It focuses on providing authentic training and was the first to offer a globally recognized certification programme in Houston, through Akhil Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya which is India’s most prestigious institute for fine arts and dance.

This year’s Udaan recital on the 27th May 2022 at Kaplan Theatre  began with a traditional lamp lighting and was followed by invocation of Lord Ganesh and seeking his divine blessings. Emcee Sonali Walawalkar helped provide valuable insight into the classical aspect of this dance form with every performance.  The program showcased the various facets of the Benares gharana of Kathak. Its students showcased different compositions which included complex footwork, spins(chakkars) and abhinaya. The audience were surprised at the level of coordination and perfection amongst the multiple dancers. Every performance received a roaring applause as each batch of students continued to mesmerize the audience with their level of skill and talent.

The audience were totally floored by the visual treat and flawless execution presented by different groups of performers.  Participants were extremely elated at the recognition and motivation they received from the audience. They said that they credited their Udaan(flight) to perfection to Dr Manjusha for her dedication, personal attention, and style of teaching, which made them ready and confident in such a short time.

The performance reached its electrifying crescendo when Dr Manjusha performed. The speed and complexity demonstrated in the multiple traditional compositions of Benares gharana left the audience awestruck and wanting for more. She received a thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

“We are proud that we are learning under such a talented guru . We dream of the day, when we can perform with her on stage” remarked a group of students after the show.

“We lost track of the 2 and half hours we spent here. I wanted this show to continue with its beautiful combination of brilliant choreography, colorful costumes, fast paced moves and melodious music ”remarked an audience member .

It was a wonderful production, well executed by Dr. Manjusha, her skilled students, efficient team moms and volunteers. “Udaan -2022 – A Leap to touch the Stars” was a super success and left the audience cheering, applauding until the very end.

Dr Manjusha is the Founder and Director of Kathak Beats and a strong follower, choreographer and proponent of Kathak, since early childhood.  She has been helping imbibe her motto of – Grace, Perfection and Rhythm in all her students. She has led Kathak Beats’ spectacular growth across various neighborhoods of Houston with the love and following of the community.  For more details – visit Kathak Beats Face Page or Kathak Beats .com