Katy Teenager’s Hawker App Gets Mention in Maharashtra Assembly

KATY, TX: Teenager Aditya Bhatia, a 10th grade, created what he calls a “Tech Bridge” with his 13 year old cousin Aryan in India to launch new mobile App “MeriPheri”.

The initiative, after a year of effort got off to a flying start 2 weeks back. The app on its launch, was mentioned by city MLA Smt. Jyoti Kalani in Maharashtra State Assembly and recommended felicitation.

People jumped on this first of its kind app MeriPheri in India and they have 2000+ downloads in 2 weeks. Big newspapers like Times of India published articles and the app got some exciting reviews.

Aditya’s visit to his grand parents in Mumbai last year was the trigger for this idea/app. With his background and experience in Technology (launching apps, writing articles etc.), Aditya and his cousin Aryan were on a lookout for his next app when this idea came by accident.

Asked to stand on lookout for nearby Pheriwala everyday to buy Vegetables and Fruits for 30 to 45 minutes, two teenagers thought they can solve this problem thru a simple mobile app. The two conceptualized this idea during the visit and then created a Tech Bridge to work on it together while being remote. After rounds of testing and development, they finally launched the app 2 weeks back.

“The app is super simple, easy to use and cool. Its first app in India that connects buyers with nearby Pheriwals for small day to day purchases like Vegetables, Fruits, Snacks, Street Food etc. etc.

This market and segment has been largely untapped” says Aryan Bhatia. Per Aditya, this makes a great Start Up venture and big potential to grow all over south east Asia.
Student of Thompkins High School Katy, Aditya has couple of years of Technology History behind him. He launched his first mobile App “SportsConnect” when he was 13 years old. His articles on high tech areas like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and e-Commerce have been published as Cover Page stories in prestigious Computer Society of India magazine.

The app has been designed meticulously with local details given great attention. It’s available in 7 languages for people who can not read English or Hindi. There is option for voice alert, calling, live tracking, seeing items matched and whole cart of Pheriwala along with his photo. The app has potential to solve many social issues for Pheriwala’s like no hawker zone, more selling and business for perishable items etc.

Despite being too young, the two are now seeking Venture Capital or Angel Investor funding to promote the app and get maximum downloads. According to Aditya, they have introduced new concept “P Commerce” or “Pheri Commerce” which can run into millions of dollars’ worth of business which is not tapped right now.
Aditya can be reached at adityabhatia78@gmail.com