Letter to the Editor

Khizr Khan

Dear editor,

Khan was King at the Democratic Convention

Mr. Khizr Khan. whose son, died in Iraq literally threw a political grenade at Donald Trump, by his powerful speech in front of millions of TV viewers in last week’s Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia. Khan in his speech asked Trump pointedly what sacrifices did he (Donald Trump) make for this country ?. Trump responded in his Sunday interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC that he created jobs and hired employees with benefits and raised money for charity. Does anybody in his sane mind equate these to a family’s sacrifice who lost a son in the nation’s service? During the same interview Trump also doubled down on Mrs. Khan for standing silently by her husband’s side during his speech. That only showed his lack of empathy and understanding of South Asian culture.

Understandably, Republican party leaders are at a loss how to rein in Donald Trump and his loose tongue. One thing for sure though, Donald Trump provides plenty of fodder to TV networks and news media by his narcissistic behavior and arrogant statements like “I alone can solve the country’s problems”.

With best regards,
Krishna Vavilala