Khushi to follow Roli to Ahmedabad in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka


Rashmi Sharma Productions’ Sasural Simar Ka on Colors has taken a 360 degree turn with the kitchen politics moving to illegal organs dealing racket.

As seen so far, Vikrant’s brother Kartik (Prateek Shukla) runs this illegal business in his hospital and in the last episode Roli (Avika Gor) somehow managed to escape from his clutches.

In the upcoming episodes, both Roli and Kartik will try tracking down each other to end their worries.

As per the current track, Roli has learnt about the real Sunaina’s death being a murder and not an accident. Hence, she wants to get to the depth of the matter to get Simar (Dipika Samson) – who is imposing to be Sunaina at the moment – back in the Bharadwaj family.

Furthermore, Khushi (Jyotsna Chandola) who has been observing Roli’s moves all this while will decide on following her to understand what’s cooking at her end. In fact, she will also follow Roli to Ahmedabad – where Simar has been staying with her new family – to keep an eye on her moves….

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