KPL 2018, 7th Anniversary Celebrations!

KPL 2018 was on of the largest sporting event in USA hosting 43 multi state teams, 420 players, 100+ volunteers, 1000+ spectators and 50 Corporate sponsors, conducted in Houston Sportsplex on Oct 5th and 6th. Friday evening kicked off with a KPL Inaugural Ceremony, which was truly a spectacular event and was conducted on par with most International Sport-Inaugurals with 42 teams standing in multi-color uniforms with special drone coverage and live broadcast. Several dignitaries graced the Inaugural Ceremony including Sri Preston Kulkarni, Stafford council member Ken Mathews and Grand sponsor Raghuveer from Brick & Mortar. 

The event has raised around $85000 dollars so far and will be paid to beneficiaries Krishna Giri who suffered from cardiac arrest and Mayuri Giri who had a brain cancer, both have suffered traumatic life altering medical conditions and also to Kerala and Karnataka flood victims where KPL will adopt a village in Kudugu district and rebuild homes and lives of the affected.

Family night on Saturday was truly a spectacular event with local performers from Swaramadhuri and Bollywood Dancing stars putting on a spectacular display of music and dance.  All Kids had a wonderful time with entertaining games, Face Painting and Dancing.

Everyone enjoyed the two days, with volleyball, throwball competitive sports, Kids entertainment, Friends and Family bonding  and involving in giving back to the community. Houston Panthers were the winners of the Volleyball Advanced level and Shooting stars won the throwball game.