Krazy for Kishore Brings the Community Together for the Akhil Autism Foundation

A night filled with music, laughs and emotional moments. The Krazy for Kishore event hosted by band Kalamanch USA, a fund raiser for Akhil Autism Foundation was a huge success for raising money and awareness for a well worthy cause.

The Master of Ceremonies for the event was celebrity chef and TV host, Kunal Lamba of Kawan Kitchen Mate and Kabab Culture. The event featured Curtain Raiser, performances by kids with Autism, rocking melodies of Kishore Kumar, with guest speakers such as General Deputy Consul Shri Shatrunghna Sinha and Middlesex Freeholder, Shanti Narra, as well as information about Akhil Autism Foundation.

The Krazy for Kishore event was able to raise approximately $10,000 to be utilized for providing more children with treatment options as well as funding autism research.

Akhil Austism Foundation started in 2008 with a mission that “every Autistic individual deserves treatment and every parent and professionals needs education. Make all the treatments affordable and accessible to every Autistic individual”. Their vision is to “Help Autistic Individuals lead an independent & functional life”.

“We are so happy to have had the turn out that we had with this event and bringing people together for such a worthy cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.    

We cannot express enough gratitude who were involved in our fundraiser and to all well wishers who are continuing to support our Fight Against Autism for the past decade.” said Manisha Lad, the Founder and Executive Director of the Akhil Austism Foundation.

Since 2008, Akhil Austism Foundation has: Provided treatment and interventions to over 1000 children, sponsored over 1500 hours of education to parents & care providers and facilitated over 20 treatment workshops in USA & India.