Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi escapes Pragya’s bullet shot



Pragya will shoot at Abhi with a gun handed over to her by the corporator. Fortunately the rockstar will escape unscathed. We saw how the mean villain is plotting to kill his captives. Not only doe she want Pragya killed, he even wants to get rid of Abhi despite being threatened by Aaliya. So, he has a plan in place. He gets Pragya to shoot Abhi, so that her finger prints are caught and he comes out clean. Will he succeed in tricking Aaliya? Well, how on earth is it possible when the scene involved has the lead hero and heroine of the show. Yes, Pragya fires the shot and guess what corporators plan backfires. So, instead of injuring her hubby, Pragya has shot at the corporator. How do we know this?


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