Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to divorce Abhi?


For long now we’ve seen bitter-sweet moments between Abhi and Pragya. But things have changed after Abhi decided to confess his feelings for Pragya. Not only did Pragya reject Abhi’s proposal, she also ridiculed him by calling her own confession as an April Fool’s joke. However, Abhi isn’t certain about Pragya’s changed behaviour. He believes her and decides to drink down his rejection, sorrow and heart-break. Of course Tanu and Aaliya are clueless and like guilty souls assume Abhi has found out about their lies. However, the two will be ecstatic on finding out that it is ragya who has upset Abhi. While Tanu will not be pleased to find out her guy’s emotional connect with his wifey, she’s relieved that her pregnancy plan delivered!

So, in the upcoming episode we will see Pragya misbehave with Daadi and accuse her of being partial to Abhi. Pragya will even get well deserving tight slap on her face from Daadi. But we hear that the rockstar’s wife will not stop there. She has decided to get herself out of Abhi’s life. And like she saved her husband from death, she will now go to any extent to make sailing smooth for Abhi and Tanu. Will Pragy now ask for divorce from Abhi? Well, we will not be surprised.

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