Kusum Sharma’s Ramleela is on September 24, at VPSS Haveli


HOUSTON: UNESCO proclaimed the tradition of Ramleela a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2005. Incidentally from the same year in 2005, this heritage is kept alive in Houston by Kusum Sharma, director and mind behind the 13th annual Ramleela in Houston, which will be presented on September 24th at VPSS Haveli. Kusum Sharma’s Ramleela has become a name in itself with Indians across Texas come over to see this magnificent show. Kalakriti Performing Arts Foundation along with Kusum Sharma’s Shri Natraj School is all set to mesmerize the audience like every year with its exclusive on stage set-ups enveloped with enthralling performances.

Ramleela is presented in most parts of India with great splendor and ceremonial display. It is a popular enactment of the mythological epic, Ramayana. We all are aware of the central story of Ramayana, which revolves around Rama, Sita, Laxman, Ravan and Hanuman. There are various significances of characters, which remain unseen in most Ramleela performances. Every year, Kusum Sharma tries to highlight some of these characters and stories, which unfolds to new innovations and insights. The entire stage serves as a set in order to represent the various scenes for Swayamber, Ashok Vatika, Panchavati, Janakpuri, Lanka, Ravan darbar etc. Scenes of every part are spectacular and spellbinding with special effects, rigging, aerials, fire jugglers, props and digital displays.

Kusum Sharma’s Shri Natraj School along with Kalakriti Performing Arts Foundation invites everyone to join and experience this divine journey of a colorful, musical, dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama.  Come and connect yourself with the Indian history and traditions. Join us with your family at the grand celebration of victory of Good over evil. You will treat yourself not only with the spiritual feeling but also get a taste of the presence of the Deity with boundless blessings bestowed. As an additional attraction, Ramleela this year will be played in English.

Kalakriti Performing Arts expresses their heartiest appreciation to all the supporters, volunteers, performers and sponsor who has supported the Ramleela event in past years.

Ramleela is on September 24, from 3-6 pm at VPSS Haveli located at 11715 Bellfort Village Dr, Houston, TX 77031. Tickets start at very reasonable $10 and group discount is available for order of 10+ tickets. More details, video from previous years and tickets can be purchased at www.ramleelahouston.org

Kalakriti is giving out 200 free Ramleela tickets to volunteers of organizations supporting Harvey relief effort.