Kusum Sharma’s Ramleela on Sunday, October 7!

RAMLEELA_IN01By Kamlesh Narwani                             

HOUSTON: Kusum Sharma’s Shri Natraj School (www.shrinatraj.com) in association with Kalakriti Performing Arts (www.kalakritiusa.org) proudly presents its 14th annual Ramleela show on October 7 (3 PM to 6 PM) at VPSS Haveli in Houston, Texas.

 This Ramleela is an English adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana, wherein Lord Vishnu (of the holy trinity – Brahma / Vishnu / Mahesh) incarnates as Lord Rama to re-establish Dharma (cosmic virtue & order) on Earth.

Director of the show Kusum Sharma has perfected this presentation of the ideal life of Lord Rama, and victory of good over evil. This show is a 2.5-hour Broadway type mesmerizing production comprising of amazing effects & pyrokinetic optics, enigmatic lights and impressive acrobatic dances, colorful ethnic costumes, and culturally inspiring performances from a team of professional stage artists and passionate volunteers.  Some of the awe-inspiring sequences this year include the Tadka Vadh, Ahlaya Redemption, Sita Swayamvar, Panchavati, Ravaan Introduction, Angadh in Ravan Darbar, and Panchmukhi Hanuman.

 This family show caters to all audience types, wherein children learn about Ramayana and enjoys the songs and dances, older generation find it spiritually enriching in rejuvenating their cultural ties, younger generations pick on relevant and practical means of leading a dharmic life, and other cultural audiences see the rich ethnicity of Hindu culture and religion.

 The relevance of Ramayana to our contemporary life is strong. Ramayana provides a moral road map to self-realization that is applicable even in these contemporary technical times of maya (illusions and attractions), stresses, natural calamities & personal losses.

 The 2018 Ramleela explores the concepts of human relationships and emotional sensitivity. It projects the ideal virtues of its characters as a son, brother, friend, husband, guru, disciple, wife, and other relations. It also emphasizes of considering other person’s needs and compassionately transacting fairly while living these relationships (with rights & obligations).

 The Kalakriti team invites all of you to embark on this beautiful, memorable, and timeless journey.

Ramleela is on October 7th, from 3-6 pm at VPSS Haveli located at 11715 Bellfort Village Dr, Houston, TX 77031. Tickets start at very reasonable $10 and group discount is available for order of 10+ tickets. More details, video from previous years and tickets can be purchased at www.ramleelahouston.org.