LAL BAGH KA RAJA GANAPATI IN MUMBAI(wish fulfilling ganesha)


I think u all heard about lal bagh ka raja ganesh of mumbai..
it is the famous ganapati of mumbai, crores of people visit there ganesh chaturti from all over india and the intersting part if he fulfill the wished of devotes….200% sure……all the film personalities visit this ganesh every year.The Lalbaugcha Raja, King of Lalbaug, is undoubtedly the most famous Ganesh statue in Mumbai. The mandal was founded in 1934, and has grown to be the most visited one in the city.

If you want to see the lengths people are prepared to go to for devotion, the Lalbaugcha Raja is the idol to visit. It draws an average of 1.5 million people a day — astonishing! People simply believe that this Ganesh idol can fulfill their wishes, and there’s a lot of media attention on it.

There are two main lines to see the idol: a general line, and line for those wanting to make a vow or get a wish fulfilled (navas). The navas line takes devotees right to the idol’s feet, whereas the general line offers viewing (darshan) from a distance of around 10 meters away. Until recently, it was common for the navasline to stretch snake-like for over five kilometers. However the organizer has started providing huge air conditioned tents in the adjacent ground to accommodate everyone.

  • Location: GD Ambedkar Road, Lalbaug (central Mumbai).
  • Nearest Railway Station: Walking distance from Lower Parel, Curry Road, and Chinchpolki stations.
  • Waiting Time: Can be 20 hours or more in the navas line. General line takes around five hours.
  • When to Visit: It’s open around the clock. However, the busiest time is in the evening until midnight.

The procession for the immersion (visarjan) starts out at 10 a.m. from the Lalbaug market on the final day of the festival, and takes the following route: Lalbaug, Bharat Mata Theatre, Lalbaug, Sane Guruji Marg, Byculla Railway Station, Clare Road, Nagpada, Dunkan Road, Don Taki, Sant Sena Maharaj Marg (Kumbharwada), Suthar Gully, Madhav Baug, C.P. Tank, V.P. Road, Opera House, Girgaon Chowpatti.

Lalbaug is a locality in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Lalbaug lies in the approximate centre of Mumbai, near Dadar and Parel, and has been a famous centre for reunions of Hindus during their festivals, especially the Ganesh festival. There are prominent Ganeshotsav organizations in and around Lalbaug, as well as many sculpture workshops. Prior to the Ganesh festivals, these workshops are flooded with various-sized statues of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God which the people worship. Lalbaug also marks the centre of different mills that flourished in Mumbai during British rule; The Kohinoor Mill, the Finlay Mill and the Morarjee Mill to name a few. At that time, most of the community worked in these mills and it was a major source of livelihood for a majority of them.

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