Leander Paes Accuses ‘Jealous Competitors’ of Tarnishing His Reputation


NEW DELHI: Leander Paes’ monumental achievements notwithstanding, controversies keep chasing him but the marathon man of Indian tennis says they are nothing more than false propaganda initiated by a few of his “highly jealous” competitors.

Paes did not take any names but said the negativity that is being built around his name in recent times, is a result of a few underachievers’ sinister design.

Whenever it comes to playing for nation in the Indian team at the big stage, be it Olympics, Asian Games or in Davis Cup, tennis has found itself mired in controversies.

He said he does not care what people say or think about him since he’s busy writing his name in the history books, that no one can change.

“In this part of my career, most of my competitors are highly jealous. They might not understand what it takes to win 18 Grand Slams and play seven Olympics. Some competitors, you give them 10 life times, they will still not be able to achieve that. Instead of working hard, they want to knock me down,” Paes told PTI in an interview during the just-concluded Davis Cup tie against Spain.

“They want to ruin my reputation by doing ulterior things, so that the perception of the public is that Leander is a bad man. It takes a whole lifetime to build a reputation and it takes one second to ruin it.”

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