Leaving the summer behind: places to visit in India in June

Credit: ThinkStock Photos

Credit: ThinkStock Photos

You must be wondering about the perfect places to visit in June. For a summer of discontent is on us, as the month of June strikes into our lives. The world bathes in a burning yellow, and all you can hear in empty afternoons is the calling of the songbird. In such a scheme of things, it is in our nature to look for an escape. Luckily, India is more than just a hot country, and the month of June can have more surprises than you would have imagine. 

The Himalayas have gifted India with stunning hill towns that remain cool throughout the year, so you can always go to the hills during summers. Then again, southern India gets gifted with southwest monsoon during the month of June, and that marks the beginning of monsoon in India. So you could also head southward for a soulful sojourn in the rains. Here are some options for holidaying in June. 

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Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com