Lights, Camera… Lets Naach!


By Malay Vyas
SUGAR LAND: On December 21, Naach Houston celebrated the first anniversary of its own studio in Sugar Land. Known amongst the students as the “temple of dance” and “ a second home”, this studio has seen sweat and tears from Naach team members as 2013 alone brought over twenty shows including a major professional home production in the Summer.

Naach 2
Brain child of Artistic Director, Mahesh Mahbubani, the Naach Houston studio is one of the only full time Bollywood dance & fitness centers in the Houston area. “It’s a place where creativity thrives”, says Mahesh proudly introducing his team of Choreographers including Star Gilani, Hasina Sadiwala, Shah Ahmed, Malika Ghei, Shailee Gandhi, Amita Batra , Anum Lalani and Anita Vyas. “The success of Naach is the success of the community” is a firm belief that we practice at Naach. “We dare our students to dream and then live that dream”, says a beaming Star Gilani, quoting Mahesh Mahbubani.

Naach 3
Dance is a form of communication and at Naach we enable its students to grow in confidence by guiding them to communicate expressively through dance. Sejal Shan, a member of Naach’s Adult Dance group put it very aptly “this is where I de-stress from work, dance helps me relax”. Prita Kapoor one of our pre teens students puts it well by quoting “ Naach is a place where I can be myself and make beautiful and lasting friendships.” Shah Ahmad looking at the food spread that was served after the show. Shah says that “We all are a family at Naach, Every item here is home cooked and brought in by the parents and students of Naach Houston, we have a massive pot luck for our anniversary”.
About a hundred students and parents gathered inside the studio where Naach’s back stage technical group had arranged for detailed light affects and fog machines for an annual show that’s more about the dancers’ happiness versus being just a showcase. These are some of the most talented Bollywood dancers performing their best songs in their own backyard. Dance genres ranged from Contemporary to Bollywood to Hiphop.
In a year, Naach Houston has been proud to be associated with a variety of non-profit organizations to do exclusive performances for Pratham, Daya , Texana, India house and Indo American Chamber of Commerce Greater Houston.
Mahesh Mahbubani proudly hangs a picture of him getting a token of appreciation from the Texana board – “it was a very proud moment to see students with learning disabilities from Texana perform a Bollywood dance at the Texana Gala”, says Mahesh. “That’s my vision for Naach – to be a company of the community, where we reach out to everyone through creative aspects of dancing”, he adds.
Naach thanks all its sponsors, media partners and supporters and above all its students and parents who have made the first year a tremendous success. The studio re-opens on January 6, with new classes and a new syllabus that runs parallel to the fort bend ISD holiday calendar, and Introducing Bombay Jam from the Mona Khan Company in California, an awesome Bollywood fitness class with customized mixed of the latest bollywood tracks, learn new moves, have fun and look and feel great , Register Online for the discount at Until then Keep Calm & Do Naach!

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