Lladro’s Spring Collection Unfolds at Karat 22 Jewelers

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From left: Meena Patel, Girija & Anant Patel, their daughter Ishwari sitting with the artist Rosa Lopez, and Aku Patel.
Photos: Harshh Mahadeshawar & Vanshika Vipin

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: Karat 22 Jewelers, one of the prominent leaders in the high end Jewelry and 22 Karat gold business, along with Lladro, the illustrious world-renowned creator of fine porcelain art, organized a painter event on April 26, to celebrate the launch of Lladro’s new spring collection along with an exclusive painting demonstration.

Karat 22 Jewelers, the largest retailer of Lladro, hosted the event at their premises located on 5623 Hillcorft Street, Houston. A hearty, hospitable welcome awaited the guests at the entrance of the store, where the owners Aku and Meena Patel, their son Anant and his wife Girija greeted everyone. A surprise was in store for everyone who walked in as they were requested to sign in for a raffle draw. That served as a perfect icebreaker and instantly put a smile on everyone’s faces. The delighted guests were then served with horderves and champagne.

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Rosa Lopez, an experienced painter from The City of Porcelain in Valencia, Spain.

The guests then went on to meet and interact with local connoisseurs and the perfect hosts for the evening. As they walked around the marvelous store, they couldn’t but notice the fine pieces of stunning Jewelry along with some of the smolderingly sensual Lladro figurines. On display were some of the remarkable and enticing creations, in an imperceptible range of colors, from Lladro’s new spring collection.

The guests were presented with the glorious history of the Spanish brand, right from the 1950’s when three brother’s, Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro made their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almassera. This gripping presentation embarked upon their journey of their brand through the consolidation, the expansion, the innovation, the perfection, the new paths and the new classics. Lladro Communications Manager, Cristina Egido conducted this fascinating presentation. Christina charmingly engaged with the audiences while introducing the dazzling and enticing pieces of art. After which she happily answered the queries of the collectors as well as the new customers.

This special event included a live demonstration by Rosa Lopez, an experienced painter from The City of Porcelain in Valencia, Spain, where all the artistic creations are bought to life. Every Lladro piece of work is the result of a laborious artistic process.

Sculptors follow their own inspiration but also perform a meticulous process of research and documentation. Rosa thoroughly demonstrated how each Lladro piece, which begins with an artistic inspiration, is carved with delicate motifs and carefully painted. Her selection for the day was The Goddess Sri Lakshmi, a figurine that’s part of the spring release. It was a period of visual fixation for everyone present there, seeing Rosa mix various fragments, liquid porcelain paste, colors and luster to obtain the desired figurine. Most of the attendees were mesmerized during the two hours, as they could see a marvelous piece of art being born. Such was impact of this magnetized session that the guests could not wait to meet and greet Rosa and take pictures with her. They were indeed glad to have met the lady who has been the creative backbone of several of the phenomenal figurines. Anant Patel signed off to the beautiful evening by thanking everyone personally.

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More about Karat 22 Jewelers:  Karat 22 J ewelersis one of the prominent leaders in the high-end diamond Jewelry and 22 karat gold business. Their store was founded in 1984 in Houston, and since then the store has grown multi-fold, to carry one of the widest assortments of Diamond Jewelry, Precious and Semi Precious stone Jewelry, 22 karat gold Jewelry, a wide array of loose diamonds and semi precious gemstones along with the world’s best Swiss watches. They are the authorized dealers for Rolex and are now introducing Tag. They are one of the exclusive retailers in the world to carry the most spectacular piece ever undertaken by Lladro, The Queen of the Nile. This High Porcelain is a limited edition of 100 units that took more than five years to develop due to its technical and artistic complexity.

 For further information on Lladro, visit www.lladro.com and for Karat 22 Jewelers visit Website: www.karat22.com