Local Supporters Gather to Celebrate AAP Victory


HOUSTON: On March 1, a group of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters gathered in a restaurant at Hillcroft Street to celebrate an unprecedented victory of common man in Delhi assembly elections held in the early February this year. AAP is a political party formed on anti-corruption plank two years back. Stunning victory on 67 out of 70 assembly seats was a result of faith of common man in a positive development agenda of party. This would have been impossible without the overwhelming support of NRIs living in Houston as well as other parts of the world. NRIs didn’t only support by making transparent online donations to the party but also managed ground activities during the elections.


60+, Houston AAP supporters celebrated the day with patriotic poems and songs and delicious Indian food. “We believe in the party’s ideology which is focused on transparent and clean funding for elections, providing corruption-free governance, idea of decentralization of power and Gandhi’s vision of Swaraj. Victory in elections is just a beginning of the process of establishing a corruption free model of governance. So far NRIs have whole-heartedly supported the party, but now we will act as pressure group to ensure that party never leaves path of truth and honesty. I invite other fellow Indians in Houston to support the cause and criticize the party’s moves whenever party deviate from principles.” said an AAP supporter.


You can contact the group at houston4aap@gmail.com